The Electoral College – A Mental Health View

The Electoral College

Philosophy, culture, and environment play significant roles in our perspectives. Even geography plays a big role. The prepackaged perspectives we adopt as humans when we embrace a philosophy, religion or culture aren’t much different than the ones we accept when we assimilate to a new community.

The perspective of the big city is important and valid but may not be good for the people who live in the rest of the country. Their perspective is equally valid and important. Each will struggle to comprehend the vision of the other and most probably can’t do it. Think of the city mouse and country mouse.

People become so emotionally invested in their candidate to the point that they see them as the living embodiment of their very perspective. And this explains why there is so much fear and anxiety when their candidate loses. It’s essentially an assault on their reality. They simply cannot believe anyone would choose a candidate other than the one they did because their perspective doesn’t allow them to. This holds true for all people and all perspectives.

For this reason the electoral college is so important. We need the support and resources (both physical and intellectual) that all the various regions of our country provide and so we need to include their perspectives in the selection of our president. The electoral college does that. It does not allow dense population areas with their unique perspectives to solely dictate policy to all the rest of the country. It ensures that presidential candidates reach out to everyone so that none of the producers or thinkers of any area of the country are ever entirely marginalized.

If we didn’t have the electoral college candidates would likely spend all their time and energy focused on heavily populated cities and they would likely probably only promote the perspectives of those people. I know it’s difficult and sometimes confusing to accept when the popular vote is different than the electoral vote. It can be a tough pill to swallow but the electoral college doesn’t always consider the will of more people. It considers the will of more philosophies, cultures, and perspectives. If diversity is what makes America great then the electoral college is better suited to achieve it than a popular vote.


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